Examine your organization (Transportation Security Administration) and leadership|My homework aider

Posted: March 14th, 2023

Examine your organization (Transportation Security Administration) and leadership through the following questions: 1. How does your organization/leaders link rewards and appreciation to standards of excellence? 2. Are standards clear and how are they communicated? What changes would you recommend? 3. Is leadership defined by walking around (visible) and listening in your organization? How are examples and expectations set? 4. What does support look like/mean in your organization? 5. What recommendations do you have to improve the organizational dynamics?



  • Linking rewards and appreciation to standards of excellence is essential for motivating employees to meet or exceed organizational goals. Recognition and rewards can be in various forms, including bonuses, promotions, public recognition, and other incentives that demonstrate appreciation for their hard work and dedication. These rewards can also serve as a way to reinforce organizational values and promote a culture of excellence. Clear communication of standards is crucial for employees to understand what is expected of them. Organizations should provide clear and concise guidelines on performance expectations, including job descriptions, key performance indicators (KPIs), and performance reviews. Additionally, regular communication through meetings, emails, or other channels can help keep employees informed of any changes or updates to standards.

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