Identify blocks in the workplace that prevents critical and creative thinking|My course tutor

Posted: March 14th, 2023

Identify the most common “blocks” you have seen/experienced in a workplace that prevents a company from allowing employees from engaging in critical and creative thinking (feel free to use your own workplace here). Include in your answer the “blocks” to creative and critical thinking that you yourself engage in


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  1. Micromanagement: When managers micromanage employees, they limit their autonomy, preventing them from making decisions and solving problems creatively. Lack of resources: A workplace that doesn’t provide enough resources such as time, money, training, and technology can prevent employees from thinking creatively and critically. Without these resources, employees may feel constrained in their ability to innovate and find new solutions. Fear of failure: If employees feel that they will be punished for making mistakes or taking risks, they may avoid thinking outside the box and playing it safe. In such cases, creativity and innovation can be stifled. Hierarchical structure: In a hierarchical workplace, decision-making power is concentrated at the top, limiting the input and creativity of lower-level employees. This can lead to a lack of diversity in ideas and solutions. Groupthink: When a workplace culture rewards conformity and consensus, employees may hesitate to share new or unconventional ideas. This can limit creative and critical thinking, and prevent the workplace from exploring new possibilities.

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