Review Queen Latifah’s strategies (either reaching out to others or time management) to help Ashlee or James with their situation|My course tutor

Posted: March 14th, 2023

Imagine you’re mentoring one of the people in the scenario below who is experiencing a stressful situation in the workplace.

Ashlee and James both work together in accounting and are each responsible for half of an extensive presentation. Ashlee tries to work on the presentation a little each day, while James tends to wait until the last minute to turn in his portions of the project. But, because they rely on each other for certain tasks, Ashlee is often forced to wait for James and then rush to complete her assignments.

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Ashlee complains that James’ procrastination is causing her to worry about his work as well as her own and is giving her unnecessary stress. Likewise, James is stressed by Ashlee’s anger and constant hovering. Because of the conflict, James is missing more work, and you suspect it’s because he wants to avoid Ashlee.

  • Review Queen Latifah’s strategies (either reaching out to others or time management) to help Ashlee or James with their situation.
  • How can you help either Ashlee or James rise above their stress using one of the two strategies?

Respond to one or more of your classmates’ posts.


  • Encourage open communication: The first step is to encourage Ashlee and James to have an honest and open conversation about the challenges they are facing. They need to be able to express their concerns and frustrations in a constructive manner, without attacking or blaming each other. Divide tasks clearly: To avoid any confusion, Ashlee and James should clearly divide the tasks between them and agree on deadlines for each part. This will help them both to manage their time more effectively and ensure that neither of them is left waiting for the other. Identify strengths and weaknesses: It’s essential to identify each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so they can play to each other’s strengths and support each other in areas where they may need help.

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