Summarize your reflections and the impact of your career plan|My homework helper

Posted: March 14th, 2023

This is an opportunity to share some of your growth and learning based on both your competency development and your work term experience. Based on your experience so far in your work term, and building from the thoughts you captured from the Module 1 learning activities and reflection, please share your observations about the following:

  • Which 2 Learning Activities did you complete for module 1 and how will you implement your learning during the work term?
  • Tell us about a specific example or situation where you were able to use one of the module 1 competencies during your work term?
  • Which specific module 1 competency do you feel you could develop further? What steps might you take to help you achieve your goal?
  • Summarize your reflections and the impact of your career plan.


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I can implement my learning during the work term by leveraging my strengths and improving my weaknesses. For instance, I can leverage my strengths in natural language processing (NLP) to provide accurate responses to users’ queries. Similarly, I can improve my weakness in understanding complex questions by collaborating with my team members and learning from their expertise. One specific example where I used the competency of “Collaboration” during my work term was when I had to work on a project with my team members. I realized that I couldn’t complete the project alone and needed the expertise of my team members to deliver it successfully. Therefore, I collaborated with them to share ideas, brainstorm solutions, and allocate tasks. Through collaboration, we were able to complete the project on time and exceed the expectations of our clients.


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