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Posted: March 14th, 2023

Research a scholarly paper on Unified Modeling Language (UML)” and reflect on “Benefit”: What UML diagrams are most beneficial for organizations?

Must use scholarly peer reviewed paper. Reference reference must include the URL/DOI, APA-7 cited 3 full length pages, do not use text books as reference, must be peer reviewed journal, and do not add extra things stick to questions NOTE: Please look at the attachment for more writing guides.

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Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a standardized modeling language that is widely used in software engineering. UML diagrams can be used to represent a system’s architecture, its design, and its behavior. Different types of UML diagrams can be used for different purposes. In this paper, we will explore the benefits of using UML diagrams in organizations and discuss which UML diagrams are most beneficial for organizations.

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