Review the requirements of your home state for prescribing privileges |Quick homework help

Posted: March 15th, 2023

  • Review the requirements of your home state for prescribing privileges and compare them with another state of your choice. Are there similarities and differences with a focus on client safety concerns or initiatives. Are there variations in prescriptive authority among APRN’s?
  • In response to other peers, what are the variations in your state compared to your peer’s state? Provide scholarly literature related to safety concerns that may have been associated with prescribing privileges of an APRN.


In general, APRNs (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses) are required to have additional education and training beyond what is required for a registered nurse (RN). This education and training prepares APRNs to provide a higher level of care and to take on more responsibilities in patient care, including prescribing medication. The requirements for prescribing privileges for APRNs vary from state to state. Some states have full practice authority, which means that APRNs are authorized to practice independently and prescribe medication without physician supervision. Other states have restricted practice authority, which means that APRNs must have physician supervision in order to prescribe medication.

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