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Posted: March 15th, 2023

Find an article on Running Water/Ground Water only.

You can find tons and tons of articles on the Internet through credible sources (news websites, Geology Today, documentaries on you tube etc).

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Read/watch a documentary and summarize it in your own words (10 points). A good, solid 20-25 knowledgeable sentences are required to make a full grade.



One of the most important natural resources in the world is water. Water is found in various forms such as rivers, lakes, oceans, and groundwater. In this article, we will focus on the importance of running water and groundwater. Running water is water that moves continuously on the surface of the earth. Rivers, streams, and creeks are examples of running water. Running water is crucial for several reasons. First, it plays a vital role in the water cycle, which is responsible for providing fresh water to plants, animals, and humans. Second, running water erodes rocks and soil, which leads to the formation of valleys, canyons, and other landforms.

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