Training & Development on ADDIE method|My course tutor

Posted: March 15th, 2023

As a result of performance appraisal feedback, it is identified that training is needed. In preparing for the training, the need has been analyzed, designed, developed, implemented, and evaluated (ADDIE method). As the HR manager, it is your responsibility to assess the training efforts, to conduct the training, and to assess the outcome or success of the training. What are some recommended methods of assessment when it comes to meeting the legal concerns of training? In addition, which do you think is more driven by results? Please explain. 200 words


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When it comes to meeting the legal concerns of training, it is essential to ensure that the assessment methods used are reliable, valid, and legally defensible. Here are some recommended methods of assessment to meet legal concerns: Pre- and post-training assessments: Conducting assessments before and after the training can help to determine the effectiveness of the training in achieving its objectives. It can also help to identify areas where further training may be necessary. Job-related assessments: Assessing employees’ job-related skills, knowledge, and abilities before and after training can demonstrate the training’s effectiveness in improving job performance. It can also help to ensure that the training is job-related and not discriminatory.

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