FOSTER CHILD ANALYSIS |Quick homework help

Posted: March 16th, 2023

Summarize key themes and provide specific details of the assigned video. 2 pages. APA formatting!


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  1. Introduction. What key points or themes were raised in the film?
  2. Details and analysis of the film with time citations, four paragraphs maximum.
  3. Conclusion. Summarize key points and provide details from the assigned video clip, how does it connect to readings in the course?

Here’s the link to the film:

FOSTER CHILD:  Foster Child by Gil Cardinal – NFB



The film “Foster Child” by Gil Cardinal documents the challenges and complexities of the foster care system in Canada. The film highlights the difficulties that both foster parents and foster children face, and it provides insights into the broken system that often fails to provide adequate support and care for these children. Key themes that emerged from the film include the challenges of foster parenting, the importance of stable and supportive homes for foster children, and the impact of the foster care system on the lives of these children.

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