How to Culturally Effective Helping in Crisis|My course tutor

Posted: March 16th, 2023


  • The primary concern of Amy.
  • Using the Triage Assessment Form (TAF) as a guide, identify Amy’s overall symptom severity on a scale from 1-30.
  • Identify what would be your next step to help Amy.


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Triage assessments are used in crisis intervention to determine the severity of a person’s symptoms and identify appropriate interventions. The TAF is a commonly used assessment tool that evaluates various aspects of an individual’s crisis situation, including their presenting problem, mental status, social support, and risk of harm to self or others. Based on the TAF score, the severity of Amy’s symptoms can be categorized on a scale from 1-30, with higher scores indicating more severe symptoms. The specific cutoffs for each category may vary depending on the assessment tool used and the context of the crisis situation.

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