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Posted: March 16th, 2023

Skills Reassessment


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Review the assessment that you filled out in week 1 to identify your strengths and opportunities as a change agent.

Self-Assessment 2020.docx

From your self-assessment, describe three skills that you improved. Reflect on what you had wanted to improve and identify a plan for your own improvement.

Purpose: The skills that enable leadership, teamwork, change management, trust, and accountability are learned behaviors that can be acquired and improved by recognition and self-evaluation. This assignment compares the student’s initial assessment of skill and compares to the current state. Knowledge about these skills is increased and an intentional plan for improvement can be beneficial.

Criteria for success: A comparison of initial skill assessment, including a reflection on what was planned and if the plan achieved the required results. A plan for the next steps should include at least two actions for the future. If external quotes or sources are uses, they must include APA citation – note that is not a requirement, it’s more important that you relate to your own experience. Multiple spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes will reduce the score.

Leading Change Self Assessment

+ For strengths and have demonstrated experiences

0 For skills that you would have but have not demonstrated

– For skills that are opportunities for you to learn and experience

__ Successful history of change activities

__ Demonstrated competence in current position

__ Has experience with different organizational groups or departments

__ Has experience working with different levels of management

__ Understanding the perspective of managers and sponsors

__ Has credibility with leader of change effort

__ Can identify and delegate job duties when needed

__ Understands the benefit of the change

__ Understands the rewards for successful change

__ Understands the metrics for success

__ Understands the perspective of the staff

__ Has credibility with staff

__ Understands the perspective of the customer

__ Understands the impact and disruption caused by change

__ Can identify and manage resistance

__ Understands the mission and vision of organization

__ Understands the culture of an organization

__ Knows how to influence team members

__ Understands and build teamwork within group

__ Has effective communications skills

__ Able to set goals and achieve them

__ Is comfortable with ambiguity

__ Is committed to goals and outcomes of change



Based on your reflection, you can identify three skills that you have improved and describe how you have improved them. For example, you might have improved your communication skills by practicing active listening, giving and receiving feedback, and using clear and concise language in your written and verbal communications.To create a plan for further improvement, you can start by setting specific, measurable goals that align with your overall career or personal development objectives. For example, if you want to improve your leadership skills, you might set a goal to complete a leadership training program or mentorship program within the next six months.

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