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Posted: March 16th, 2023

KINS 260 ExRx Case Study Activity

Review the summary of client fitness assessment results below. Based on the assessment results and client information develop a comprehensive ExRx for Cardio, Muscular Fitness and Flexibility for this client. For each component of fitness (Cardio, Muscular fitness & Flexibility), you should include a FITT-VP outline along with a brief statement, 2-3 sentences, explaining the reasoning for your selections and any specific focus your program would have for that component.


CLIENT SUMMARY: Tony is a 56-year-old male client. He has come to you with the goal of improving his general fitness levels, being able to keep up with his new grandson easier and minimizing disease risk as he has family history of chronic conditions in older relatives. He states he often gets tired when chasing his active young grandson around and has noticed that over the last few years he has had a decrease in strength when doing chores around the house. He has been cleared to begin a moderate-level intensity program based on the ACSM pre-participation algorithm. When he was younger, he was an athlete but states it has been awhile since he has consistently been active. Below are the results collected during his initial assessments:

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Height: 5’10” Weight: 195 Body Fat % (3 – site skinfold): 23%

Resting HR: 72 bpm BP: 132/80 Waist-hip- Ratio: 0.92

Estimated VO2max (Rockport Walk Test) = 35.7 (Average)

Estimated 1-RM (Using a Multiple Rep Max assessment) = 150lb

Push Up Test: 12 reps, below average


Sit & Reach = Poor

ROM = Right side – Under normal limits for hip flexion & extension. All others within normal limits

Left side – Under normal limits for shoulder flexion, hip flexion & extension. All others within normal limits

Overhead Squat Assessment: Noted slight arms falling forward and excessive arch in low back.

This assignment will demonstrate your ability to develop an exercise prescription using the FITT-VP principles that is appropriate for the client based on their assessment results and goals.

  1. First review the module content (reading, slides, lecture) to ensure understanding
  2. Then download the ExRx Case Study Activity WorksheetActions
    1. Note that you are creating FITT-VP outlines. You will not need to include an exact workout plan for each component instead you will complete the outline and then in the summary statement include things such as “I would focus on additional stretching on hamstrings and low back due to the limited ROM shown in the assessment” or whatever is appropriate for the client
  3. Complete the worksheet as directed and thoroughly answer each question.
  4. Finally you will submit your completed worksheet.


Reasoning: Flexibility exercises are important for maintaining joint range of motion and reducing the risk of injury during physical activity. Low-intensity stretching exercises are safe and effective for individuals with Tony’s level of fitness, and 2-3 sessions per week will provide sufficient stimulus for improvements in flexibility. Overall, the focus of the program is to improve general fitness levels, enhance cardiovascular health, build muscle strength and endurance, and increase joint flexibility. The program is designed to be safe and effective for a 56-year-old male client who has been cleared for moderate-intensity exercise, and will help Tony achieve his goals of keeping up with his active grandson and minimizing disease risk.

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