SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT |My essay solution

Posted: March 16th, 2023

Assignment 1


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SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT |My essay solution
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1. For this lesson plan, you will select one social studies and one ELA standard to integrate into a lesson. Choose standards that you will be teaching a lesson on in the future, so that you can utilize the lesson you make. If you are currently not in a classroom or teach another subject (such as PE) or if you are not currently teaching, choose a grade level that you would be interested in teaching in the future and choose a standard.

2. Use this NC DPI Link

3. Links to an external site.

4. when you are choosing your standard. Make sure you are looking at the Standard AND the link for Unpacking the Standard:

5. Create the lesson plan using one of the ideas from the following links OR do your own research and find an integration activity to create your lesson plan:


Sample Lesson Plans

Integrated Lesson Plan Sample #1

Download Integrated Lesson Plan Sample #1

Integrated Lesson Plan Sample #2

Download Integrated Lesson Plan Sample #2

Integrated Lesson Plan Sample #3

Download Integrated Lesson Plan Sample #3






· Integrating Language Arts and Social Studies

· Links to an external site.


· Blending Language Arts and Social Studies

· Links to an external site.


Assignment Rubric

· Integrated Lesson Plan Assignment Rubric

· Criteria Ratings Pts

· Concepts

· 50 pts

· Exemplary

· Has a clear understanding of all concepts. Adequate synthesis of module concepts. Each prompt was explicitly answered. 40 pts

· Proficient

· Has a somewhat clear understanding of all concepts. Can describe the elements within the module. Each question was answered. 30 pts

· Partially Proficient

· Has considered concepts, limited understanding of essential concepts has emerged. Answers to questions are not clearly defined. 1-2 prompts are missing responses 0 pts

· Incomplete

· Little effort has been spent on refining concepts. Unclear on the understandings and responses. More than 2 prompts are missing responses

· 50 pts


· Social Studies in Literacy Routines

· Links to an external site.


6. Use the attached Lesson Plan Template to create your lesson. Make sure you do any research you need to. Contact me if you have questions about any part of how to complete each section. * Be sure that your lesson plan is written in narrative form and that you address all areas of the prompts provided. Please review the sample lesson plans in this module carefully to help guide you.

Instructions: Complete and submit the assignment by Saturday at 11:59





Assignmemt 2


For this assignment, create a Powerpoint Presentation. A sample presentation is provided below.

Objective: Create a 20 Slide Presentation

1. Review the NC Standards

2. Links to an external site.

3. for ELA and SS

4. Choose grade level appropriate literature for the standards you will be teaching. You will choose 10 pieces of literature to address standards. You can choose as many standards as you like. Typically, you cover a standard for a few days, so you can have various trade books for the same standard.

5. On the 1st slide, put the 2 standards (1 ELA and 1 SS), a picture of the book or article, and a brief summary of the book or article.

6. On the 2nd slide, put the ELA activity you are going to use with this book. Also, include how you will assess the learning.

7. Repeat steps #3 and #4 for 10 pieces of literature (20 slides total)

8. Use your creativity!! Have fun!! Make it your ownView the

Sample Presentation

9. Links to an external site.



Social development refers to the process by which individuals acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to interact effectively with others and navigate social situations. It encompasses a broad range of social-emotional learning skills, including communication, problem-solving, empathy, self-awareness, and relationship-building.

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