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Posted: March 16th, 2023

The focus of Unit 2 was the digital divide and how its existence impacts those who are most vulnerable. In this discussion, you are asked to analyze ethical dilemmas related to the digital divide. Inc lude the following in your initial post.

  • Describe your chosen digital divide, whether rural-urban, racial, educational, intergenerational, or international.
  • Discuss how the issues associated with this divide are relevant to you or someone you know.
  • Reflect upon the ethical dilemmas of this divide while recommending reforms that might change the existing inequality.

Be sure to support your opinions and ideas with specific examples.

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One of the digital divides that I want to focus on is the educational divide, which refers to the gap in access to technology and the internet among students from different socio-economic backgrounds. Students from low-income families and underprivileged communities often lack access to technology, reliable internet connections, and devices, which can impede their ability to learn and perform academically. The educational divide is especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many schools have shifted to remote learning, exacerbating the digital divide for low-income and disadvantaged students.

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