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Posted: December 15th, 2023

That’s what we’re talking about so far
I’m working on a group project, but I don’t have time to think. I hope you can help me.
We are working on a human-computer interaction project and want to make a hyper-localized mobile phone software again. We hope you can give us some suggestionsFor a while,book database and tags
searching by street
algorithm recommendation
Bookshelf recommendation (work I saw in Watcha) Automatically > Take a picture of the bookshelf and share it on SNS to create a culture
Arrange items that are frequently used in categories separately.
“My house is like a library”. It’s more than just a purchase. Booking or renting
bookcase photography
UI/UX (Aladdin Yes24 UI is bad)—
Search by city (Help Persona)

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