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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Using a modelling tool to (simulate) build a mobile app that uses consumable web services.
The primary development languages for Appcelerator Titanium are: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The compile process generates Android or iOS source code as well as distributable binary respective to each platform. The entire suite of Appcelerator Titanium tools are available as download for either PC or Mac. The website for Appcelerator, however, has been undergoing considerable change over the years. In some links and videos found on the internet, one would access these tools by simply going to then selecting their particular PC or Mac option for download. An install file is downloaded to your computer which you excute to configure the entire Appcelerator Titanium development environment. After setup, you would configure your environment with SDKs needed for either iOS or Android development.
Recently, the website and entire download process has changed; now re-routes to: Upon getting to this site, one first notice the message: ” the Appcelerator offering has been discontinued”. This discontinuance is slated for March of 2022, but in terms of support resources, it has already begun. Of course, this decision by Axway, who now owns Appcelerator, is devastating to its growing cadre of developers, and to us. It is unclear what this decision means for developers, but the assignment which I had originally planned for this week cannot be done as planned.
For our assignment this week ( Assignment 8), my aim is for you to understand how Appcelerator Titanium would be used to build a Derby app – a Derby menu. Like last week, we will use a design/modeling tool (Figma) to design/model an app interface. This can be an interface for either Android or iOS (your choice) that looks like either the Android simulation you did in Week 4 Assignment 6 ( Android app layout.jpg) or the iOS simulation in Week 5 Assignment 7 (p.222, Figure 7-42) – only remember you will be developing using Appceleratir Titanium. In either case, several UI elements (and some native tool configuration) are needed to make a Titanium app functional. Our authors provide both a description and the associated JavaScript code for each UI element that can be used to create the Derby app (pp.291-308). In addition to modeling, your goal is to choose at least six (6) UI elements which you would use. Explain what and how these UI elements contribute to your app functionality as you modeled. If possible, draw a line on the interface to the UI functionality and explain. Remember that although you are using Titanium Studio, you are actually developing an Android or iOS app. Therefore, discuss use of particulars for that platform. For example: a VIEW is a basic UI element for either iOS or Android – Android apps always need “accelerator” and “GPS” UI functionality; whereas these are native (built-in) for the iOS platform, etc. Discuss “JSON is your friend” (p. 302), regardless of which app platform you are building.
First download and install Figma (can use comparable SW of your choice) on your computer. This is same as last week.
Make one screen shot here that shows you have install the Figma wireframing tool and did some modeling* You are ready to start adding UI elements for (to model) your app matching a layout for your app platform as mentioned above.
Use Figma widgets/icons and create a mock interface (add at least six appropriate UI elements) that follow and match your chosen platform
* Your app is using JavaScript coding and HTML scripting, but you ARE NOT required to do/show any coding/scripting for this assignment.
Make a second screen shot showing the final placement of the UI elements on your app Hint: use a template from the Figma library for your particular platform – Except for coding, this is a simulated app as it would appear if you used Titanium Studio.
Lastly, review the coding that our authors provide (pp. 292-307), and based on that coding:
Write a brief explanation of each UI element you used – try to explain what specific function/method each UI provides that make your app functional.
These two screen shots and UI explanations is the deliverable for Assignment 8. If you used supporting literature/videos other than your own, remember to properly cite and then include an APA style reference list.

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