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Posted: December 15th, 2023

You are summoned to use Microsoft Excel to create a budget worksheet. If you specifically do not have earnings and expenses, you can create by thinking of what you will earn in the future and what expenses, savings, and discretionary you will have.

Following criteria are minimum, but you should be creative and use as many topics as you learned in this section.

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rename the worksheet appropriately

write down each category in a column

put in your estimated budget for the month for each category (2 decimal places)

put in all your actual earnings and expenses for a month for each category (2 decimal places)

calculate the total earnings and total expenses (2 decimal places)

calculate the difference between earning and expenses

use the currency formatting for budget

use the accounting formatting for actual

all headings and categories should be bold

format for printing in one page

add in the header and footer appropriately (with your name, worksheet name, date and time, page #, etc.)

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