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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Review the
pdf file which contains comments (Comment 1 to 14) to be addressed, except
comment 12 and 13.
them and address in the word file.
Note: Most
of the comments are related to adding reference per APA style 7th edition.
Example: “It depletes non-renewable resources, emits greenhouse gases,
consumes a large amount of water and energy, pollutes rivers from its dyeing
process, and rampant usage of non-biodegradable microplastics (Maiti, 2020).
For your
reference, here are comments 1 to 14 (except comments 12 and 13). After
addressing comments and add them in Reference session per APA style 7th
Comment 1
Where are your
references. In the introduction, you must have a string of references. I don’t
see a reference
until the purpose statement. I’ve read this once already. You must have
Remember, nothing can be opinion but must be founded on documented
scholarly sources.
Comment 2
Comment 3
Comment 4
Comment 5
Comment 6
Comment 7
Start out this
section at with the problem to be addressed in this study is and then tell me
what the problem is
with a reference at the end of the sentence. What is your problem. I
think you’re saying
the problem to be addressed in this study is the contamination produced
by textile waste.
And then you have a reference at the end of the sentence.
Comment 8
Comment 9
Anything that can be
considered an opinion must have reference
Comment 10
Start out this
section with the purpose of this study is to
Comment 11
Tell me what the
purpose is. You put another variable in here about supply chain. Take this
out. We are only
looking at solutions to the contamination problem.
Comment 14
Make sure you have a
summary at the end. This goes for the review of literature section as

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