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Posted: December 15th, 2023

hoose three biblical narratives that involve women in Genesis through 2 Kings Ruth, preferably by three different authors. Compare and contrast how the women are portrayed in each of the passages. Be sure to identify and introduce the author(s) of the texts.2. Compare a specific law that appears in at least two of the ancient legal collections we have studied (Hammurabi’s Laws, the Covenant Collection in Exodus, the Priestly laws in Leviticus 1–16, the Holiness Legislation in Leviticus 17–26, and the Deuteronomic Law Code in Deuteronomy 12–26). Explain the differences between the legislation in each collection, how each law is representative of the larger collection in which it is found, and whether any of the laws are dependent on one another.3. Choose a 5 to 15 verse section in Genesis through 2 Kings Ruth. Discuss its authorship, genre, motifs, and date of composition. Interpret the passage and explain its significance.
Read the primary text(s) with major commentaries. The best academic commentaries on the books of Genesis through Kings are by:a. Genesis: Hermann Gunkel; E.A. Speiser (Anchor Bible=AB); Claus Westermann (Continental Commentary=CC); Nahum M. Sarna (JPS Torah Commentary=JPS); Gerhard von Rad (Old Testament Library=OTL)b. Exodus: Nahum M. Sarna (JPS); William H. C. Propp (AB, 2 volumes); Thomas B. Dozeman (Eerdmans)c. Leviticus: Jacob Milgrom (AB, 3 volumes); Jacob Milgrom (CC); Baruch A. Levine (JPS)d. Numbers: Jacob Milgrom (JPS); Baruch A. Levine (AB, 2 volumes)e. Deuteronomy: Moshe Weinfeld (AB, Deut 1-11); Gerhard von Rad (OTL), Richard D. Nelson (OTL); Jeffrey H. Tigay (JPS); Jack R. Lundbom (Eerdmans)f. Joshua: Richard D. Nelson (OTL); Robert G. Boling (AB)g. Judges: Robert G. Boling (AB); J. Alberto Soggin (OTL); Susan Niditch (OTL)h. Samuel: P. Kyle McCarter (AB, 2 volumes); A. Graeme Auld (OTL)i. Kings: Mordechai Cogan

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