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Posted: December 15th, 2023

The producers of culture (e.g. Cultural production) deliberately try to shape your understanding of cultural practices and products (e.g. think impression management on a macro scale). Take for example the company Apple- if you ask a lot of people about how they feel about Apple products you will get a range of answers beyond “they make iphones”.
For this week’s discussion post, post a photo capturing the social meanings of owning Apple products? Tell the class you how you think Apple want you to think or feel about their product.
For this post, try to post a pic of something different from what has already been posted. For example, if someone posts a picture of someone smiling big with a new iwatch, try to capture a different social characteristic.
Reply to 2 posts. , discuss characteristics that point out cultural hegemony and/or agency. You can either identify the branding messages captured in the pictures, or how some people think differently about Apple products. Try to think about what influences these perspectives and the outcomes hegemony and/or agency has on our society patterns, micro or macro.
Remember, a well constructed reply will include at least five grammatically correct and thoughtful sentences (with proper citations as needed) that do not include summaries but rather contribute critical thinking to the discussion and learning. If you reference sources (recommended when appropriate) or include any information from sources such as the textbook, videos, or websites, please cite using the APA short citation format or you will face point deductions.

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