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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Assignment DescriptionWelcome to your first essay of RHET101. Up to this point, we have developed a plan for organizing time, familiarization with RU Resources, and practiced different critical reading and note-taking strategies. Through this process, we’ve also read and discussed an example of narrative writing using the lens of the “rhetorical situation”: in particular, emphasizing how writer’s compose with in particular context, with a particular purpose in mind, given a particular audience. For this first essay, you will write an essay (1,000-1,500 words or 4-to-5 pages) that tells a literacy narrative—that is, an essay that focuses on how you learned or didn’t learn a particular style of communication in a particular context. As we have been discussing throughout this first unit, your narrative should have a purpose (or take-away) that intentionally engages with an issue that matters to an audience (which you can imagine as people both in- and outside of a university context).
o Moving beyond the obvious to show self-awareness about a literacy practice.o Engaging ethically and intentionally with what matters and is at stake for others addressed or affected by the writing.o Creating coherence throughout. Identify appropriate evidence* by…o Incorporating experiences from the writer’s life that help lead to broader conclusions about a literacy practice.o Including description that makes the narrative compelling (Such as rising and falling action, compelling characters, sensory details, and an element of surprise/unfamiliarity/discovery.) Demonstrates control of style by…o Intentionally structuring/organizing the narrative: for instance, using logical transitions between sentences/paragraphs; beginning with an engaging introduction/ending with a compelling conclusion; ordering evidence purposely (as opposed to randomly).o Conveying a consistent and appropriate** ethos through language, design, and formatting choices.o Making purposely grammar and mechanics choices that enhance the reader’s understanding of the purpose.

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