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Posted: December 15th, 2023

I am working on a project and I want a full answer to the following two questions: (Both questions are to be solved)
1) Draw a comprehensive use case diagram of the Samsung Health application. The diagram must demonstrate the various constructs, i.e. primary and secondary actors, use cases, the relations include and extends, malicious actors, misuse cases, the relations detect and prevent, and generalization whether for use cases or actors.
2) Write the textual specification for two major use cases of it. The description shall include its brief description, the main and alternative scenarios also showing the interaction with/amongst the primary and secondary actors, preconditions and post-conditions, dependencies on other use cases and non-functional requirements.
I am aiming to use Samsung health to answer these two questions and remind you that the use case diagram should be comprehensive and includes all the above-mentioned notions.
Please make sure that you understand what use case diagram is and draw the answer in a comprehensive use case diagram.

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