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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Informative Speech SP2022.docx
Download Informative Speech SP2022.dox (16.7 KB)
Your Informative Presentation will be delivered and uploaded via a YouTube link. Critical to
your Informative Speech is choosing a topic is essential for your speech. You can propose an
idea for your informative speech for your instructor’s approval.
The Informative Presentation will focus on your ability to present reliable information derived
from research clearly and coneisely.
The presentation will be between S and 7 minutes in length. You must have your face
showing during the entirety of the speech.
You must consult at least two peer-reviewed sources of information as you research
for your presentation. One of your peer-reviewed sources must come from the
discipline of communication studies.
You may use one image; however, no more than five images can be used to increase your
target audience’s understanding. You may use PowerPoint slides, an infographic, and/or
even physical visual aids to help make your points clear and memorable (optional).
You will submit an outline for this speech. Follow the guidelines on pages 340-341 in
your textbook or the one provided in the course resources module.
An outime is due at the same time as the intonnative speech
The informative speech is worth 100 points, and the rubrie for grading the assignment
can be found in Canvas.
The speech will be delivered remotely and uploaded to Canvas via a Yon Tube link

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