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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Please post a little about yourself and/a picture. What’s your first bachelor’s degree or health care experience, and when do you plan to graduate, do you work – if so where, what are your hobbies, etc.? What are three significant interests that you want to learn you about this course content? Informally, post an interesting case that you have seen and managed. All classmates are engaged to participate with a brief discussion about the cases. While this is not a graded assignment, it does count toward participation. Each additional case we can hear about adds to our learning. Please include interesting “perls” and things you have learned from the case. Include discussions you had with your preceptor regarding your case that can help the rest of us learn!
Upon completion of the program, this will be my first bachelors degree, BSN West Coast University
We are all officially so close to the finish line come August of this year.
i used to work at ER at St. Vincent hospital but it got closed due to bankruptcy

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