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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Employer Branding, Recruitment and Selection

During COVID-19 19, most employers have reduced their recruiting efforts. However, some employers understand the importance of employer branding during these challenging times. They may be focusing on marketing their employer brand during the pandemic to keep potential employees interested in their brand and ready to apply when the employer begins recruiting.
Acquiring and retaining high quality talent is critical to a company’s success. As employers begin recruiting and selecting employees, effective recruitment and selection practices can produce long term positive effects, among them lower training and development costs to maximize the incidence of good performance and low turnover which, in turn, positively impacts staff morale, production of high quality good and services and achievement of company objectives.
To get the right person at the right place at the right time, the organization should have specific employer branding, recruitment, and selection practices in place.
For this project idea, students will examine the employer branding, recruitment, and selection practices of a specific company. This project is an experiential learning project where students will interview an existing company representative (i.e. HR Manager, Recruiter, Manager, Owner, etc.…).
Your group will
Determine what data does the company use to determine if their employer branding, recruitment, and selection practices are effective
No two groups can interview the same company contact
All primary research must include:
Name of company, contact name, title, email address and phone number
Date(s) of interview
Data collection method: (e.g. phone interview, online survey, emailed questions, etc.…)
List of questions
Email to contact thanking them for their time in helping in this project. Copy Alan on email.
Complete a Peer Evaluation. All group members must submit a peer evaluation for the group to receive a mark. Marks will be deducted for not meeting this requirement. Individual marks will be based on the peer evaluation.
Ensure you have a cover page with all group members name on it.

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