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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Systems Thinking enables us to see the bigger picture and find solutions to problems we may not even know we have! For example, the Nestle Evaporated Milk Case Study (2020) week we begin applying Systemts Thinking and Continuous Improvement Sciences to your daily work or life.Read Cliff Scott’s paper attached to this discussion board. This assignment serves as the basis for your course project. As each person is different, we expect the each student’s goals and SMART statement to be different. Using the collective wisdom of the class, when you reply to your classmate, act as a coach being specific in your advice and encouragement. 7_step_Cliff_Scott_article PDCA.pdf

What was your impression of the article?

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What would you like to improve in your personal or professional life?

Utilizing the SMART format, create a problem/goal statement like Carl did in his article.

Explain how over the next five weeks you will collect data to demonstrate how you are progressing on achieving your goal.

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