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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Must be typed, using 12 pt. font, double spaced, and no more
than 1-inch margins. In the upper right hand corner, put your name, block, date, and name of book. Center the title, then begin
Length: 4 pages (minimum)
Content: Each RR is divided into 5 different phases. Although the same
format must be followed for each of the papers, there is still a degree of creative freedom within the structure.
Phase 1: Summing it Up
Pick a quote from the book that sums up the overall message of
the text. Explain the context of the quote, then be sure to
thoroughly discuss how and why this quote sums up the book.

Phase 2: Theme Song
Pick a theme song for the book. The track should both connect with
the content and the mood of the book. The entire set of
lyrics is not needed, but there must be a detailed discussion of how
the lyrics and tone of the song are appropriate for the book.

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Phase 3: Packing a Punch
Books often contain a chapter or section that is the centerpiece or
focal point of the text. Pick a chapter or section of the book and
explain why it is so important and what makes it so powerful.

Phase 4: Symbolism
Examine the book for a symbol that stands out from the rest. Discuss what the object symbolizes and why it is integral to understanding the text.

Phase 5: Endurance
What are the enduring themes of the novel? Provide clear points that are supported with evidence from the text. The most amount of time should be spent on this section.

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