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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Reflection Paper Prompt
Often books and courses on ethics focus on particularly difficult ethical choices. Many ethical choices we face more frequently are far less difficult, but the cumulative result of all these little choices may be as important as one big choice.
Try to imagine three ethical choices that you might have to make in your future career as a scientist or professional. Describe one of each of the following:
a. An example of an ethical choice you might have to make frequently, or are very likely to have to make many times in your career, but one in which the right thing to do should be fairly obvious.
b. An example of an ethical choice which you would rarely have to make, or which you might never have to make, but one in which it would be really difficult to determine the right thing to do.
c. An example of an ethical choice somewhere in the middle; maybe a decision of this difficulty several times in your career, and might be only somewhat difficult to make.
In your opinion, which of the above categories of decisions is most likely to have the biggest effect on whether the person making the decisions is an ethical person? Or does it even make sense to ask that question?

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