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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Prepare the write-up based on the following requirements: Your write-up must contain 5 sections:
SummaryIn one paragraph describe the company and its industry.

Your analysisIn three paragraphs explain Advaark ‘s strategic resources (You need to use the Resource-Based View (RBV) (Chapter 4).Three resources, at least one must be a strategic resource

In one paragraph, summarize the primary results of the SWOT analysis for Advaark (Chapter 4).
Where does Advaark’s core business fit in on the BCG matrix and why?Explain the position of Advaark’s both current and future businesses on BCG
Categories in this matrix are Question mark, Star, Cash cow and Dog

Your recommendationIn one paragraph explain whether Should Advaark stick to its core business or diversify?Explain your reasoning and come up with a plan to negate or minimize the negative consequences that are likely to arise from your proposed recommendation.

AppendixUse the RBV VRIO checklist to justify the competitive advantage of each resource. Watch this video to learn how to fill out the checklist.

Use the SWOT table and Identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
Use BCG Matrix to demonstrate the nature of business activities.Watch this video to learn how to use the matrix.

ReferencesPlease cite the external resources only. Citation of The Textbook, Videos in D2L, the Case Study itself, or extra files attached to the case is not required.

Best Practices in Completing Writing Assignments
There are three sets of criteria on which students are graded. Earning the highest number of points within each section of the writing assignments requires following these best practices:
Content (50%)
Content that relates to the required/recommended course material is accurate.
Questions are thoroughly answered, and content is appropriate for the topic of inquiry.
Content that indicates knowledge gained and potential for knowledge/skills to influence future thoughts/behavior is adequately linked to course materials (including any material brought into the course by a student). When required, citations are provided.
To support your argument, you need to cite at least two directly relevant and reputable external sourcesThe Textbook, Videos in D2L, the Case Study itself, or extra files attached to the case do not count as external resources.
Use a standard reference format. Do not simply copy and paste website addresses (although those should be included if appropriate).
For sources, consult business media (Wall Street Journal), academic journals (Academy of Management Journal, Journal of International Business, etc.), and practitioner journals (Forbes). Your sources should be articles from academic, peer-reviewed journals. (If you are not sure what keywords or combination of keywords to use, ask; Google Scholar will be helpful.)

Reflection (30%)
Answers indicate a high level of reflection and insight on the topic.
Critical thinking is evident.
A strong desire to reflect on topics is evident.

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