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Posted: December 15th, 2023

his is your chance to become the instructor.  After learning the looping and input validation concepts, create a problem to give to your students to allow them to practice the looping and input validation concepts.  The problem should include at least two different decision structures and a loop.   The number of times to process the loop is stated in the problem definition. The decision structures should be chosen from the simple, combined, nested and CASE structures.  Use the Programming Exercise problems at the end of Chapter 5 as an example.

The problem description should include:

The input into the problem.

The output from the problem.

The generic processing necessary to solve the problem. (do not give too much information away).

The solution should include: 

Input validation statements

The solution should include the exact calculations need to solve the problem.

The solution cannot be similar to a problem posted by another student, located on the Internet or located in another textbook.

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