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Posted: December 15th, 2023

For Writing Assignment #5 please perfrom the following task and complete a response to the prompt below:
Locate your local police department’s website (or a police deparment of interest to you) and read through its published mission statement, vision, and department values. Please note that not every police department publishes its vision or values.
After reading through this information, provide a response to the following prompt:
Does your chosen police agency’s mission statement, vision, and values reflect the ideals of community and problem orientated policing? Explain your reasoning.
Please provide the name of the agency you will be discussion and a link to its mission statement, vision, and department values.
Remember that responses must be at least 250 words, double spaced, and composed on a word document. When ready to submit, select the above link “Writing Assignment #5” in order to submit your response.
Writing Assignment #5 is due Sunday, April 10 by 11:59PM.
The following rubric will be used to grade Writing Assignment #5. Make sure to review this rubric while completing your document. Each requirement is worth 4 points.

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