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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Task: The four-source essay asks you to synthesize the arguments of four sources.
Length: Minimum of 1000 words. The instructor will give you comments on the first draft and let you know if you need more development beyond 1000 words.
Format: APA
Sources: Four sources, all of which you will find through library searches. If you haven’t firmly chosen a topic for WA#1, you will select a topic of your choice, conduct searches in the library databases, focus on the topic, and determine four sources to use in this essay. (Of course, you may have chosen a firm topic that you used for WA#1. Four of these five sources are appropriate to use for WA#2 unless your instructor indicates otherwise.)
oAll of your sources must be from scholarly journals or credible trade journals. No sources can be from popular journals.
Please use only four sources. Please do not incorporate more than four sources into this essay.

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