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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Instructions:Choose two questions from the list below.
Answer each of the two questions you’ve picked in a 150 (300 total) words or more.
Attach your completed essays as a file or past them into the text editor.
Essay Prompts:Compare the two perspectives on public opinion in a democracy.
Compare the bandwagon and boomerang effects relating to opinion polling.
What does it mean for the media to have a commercial bias, and how does this affect news reporting?
How can new media create more citizen participation?
The Constitution leaves most election details to the states. Elaborate on some examples. Why does this matter?
Analyze the pros and cons of the winner-take-all vs. proportional representation system. Which system do you favor? Provide evidence to back up your argument.
In what ways do interest groups try to affect the judicial system in this country?
Explain the difference between private and public advocacy groups.

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