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Posted: December 15th, 2023

You will develop a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following items:

Identify the five conflict styles covered in your text.

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Explain one advantage and one disadvantage of each of the five conflict styles.

Describe the specific conflict styles and tactics each of the participants uses.

Offer suggestions about how each of the participants could use a more appropriate conflict style to address the conflict.

Support your positions with written speaker notes in the Notes section of each slide.

Include a minimum of three scholarly references.

Assignment Guidelines

Your PowerPoint should be 6–9 slides and include the following elements:

Slide 1: Title slide with your name, course number, and term

Slides 2–3: Identify the five conflict styles along with advantages and disadvantages for each

Slides 4–8: Use these slides to describe the conflict styles for each participant in the case study and offer suggestions on the appropriate conflict styles to use

Slide 9: Reference slide

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