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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Swim Lane Process Map of a a Pizza RestaurantCory runs a pizza restaurant in San Jose. His nephew Bill works in his restaurant. In Cory’s restaurant, sauce and dough preparation take 4 minutes for each pizza. Baking and packing take 14 minutes. Billing takes 2 minutes. A customer first places an order with Cory. This takes 2 minutes. Bill then takes charge of the order and performs the three activities – sauce and dough preparation, baking and packing, and billing – consecutively.
Draw a flowchart of this process with responsibility (Swim Lane Process Map) using this template.
How long will it take to complete an order of one pizza?
How can Cory improve the process? Suggest at least two ways to improve. How much time can be saved after improvement?
Draw a Swim Lane Process Map after improvement. Attach both process maps below.
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