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Posted: December 15th, 2023

This is my favorite discussion! The last three chapters (28, 29, and 30) covered a pivotal era in the United States, from the civil rights movement, the women’s liberation movement, the war in Vietnam, the protests against the war, all the way to the fall of the Soviet Union. And, in the background, you have the birth of rock and roll, disco, punk, and metal. Please research a song that was popular in this era (1965-1990) that spoke to one of the social/cultural/political issues in this 25-year period.
In your discussion, please copy and paste the lyrics of your chosen song, and, in 250 words, please explain the context (what was happening in society) and the political message of the song.
Your original post is due on Saturday and your two 75-word replies are due on Sunday.
As always, be sure to list your source(s) at the bottom of your post.

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