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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Module Four: Prompt Two (Macro-reading: Misogyny and the Decameron)
This is a class-wide Discussion Board Post activity. It consists of four steps, so please take note of everything. Complete this activity after you have read all of the assigned tales from Days Seven and Eight of the Decameron.
Step One: Select two tales, one from Day Seven and another from Day Eight, that display contrasting views on women. Make a list of the relevant quotes that convey this information, such as descriptions of characters, or snippets of dialogue, and include the page numbers.
Step Two: Now write a mini-essay consisting of three paragraphs that supports the following thesis: “The Decameron displays a complex view of medieval women in society, neither entirely misogynist not entirely philogynist.”
Your first paragraph should serve as an introductory paragraph. It should contain at least three sentences that explain how the Decameron achieves this, in general terms, as you can see in Days Seven and Eight.
Your second paragraph serves as your body/evidence paragraph, that includes your textual citations and support for this thesis. (5-6 sentences)
Your third paragraph serves as your conclusion paragraph, where you explain how these tales relate to other tales in the Decameron from different Days. (4-5 sentences)
Step Three: Post your mini-essay. Your final post should be between 300 and 350 words total. Read the Discussion Board grading rubric to see how your initial post will be evaluated.

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