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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Case Study:
Kandy is an INFOSEC administrator for a company with 500 employees, this is an ongoing job (not a short contract) and she wishes to stay at this company for a long time. Her manager, Kenneth gives her the task of providing weekly reports showing which web pages have been accessed by individual employees and flagging any websites that are questionable (such as pornography). Kandy is aware that employees have not been asked by Kenneth to sign an agreement about which web page they visit while at work using work computers. She is also aware that employees may be penalised.
What professional ethical dilemmas are Kandy and Kenneth dealing with here? (e.g. Should we allow or sanction Kandy’s behaviour? Is there a public interest question raised by this scenario? What actions do everyone involved need to take to ensure that this kind of situation does not occur again?)
Format to follow
Assignment 1, Part 2 is broken down into three separate sections. All three sections are found in the template and are allotted separate pages. As an MS WORD file students may alter or play with the formatting of this file providing they do not delete required sections. Make sure you have read all the topics in this Module before attempting to do this assignment.
Download the “Assignment 1 – Case Study (Response Template)”
Save the file and name it correctly for submission: ‘Student_Name_Assignment 1″

Section 1 – Thomas White’s Framework
This section aims to apply Thomas White’s framework to make an analysis of your allocated Case Study. Make sure you have read Topic 3 before attempting this section.
Read the Thomas White article, “Resolving an Ethical Dilemma,” before attempting the assignment. The article explains the key concepts and processes you will need to use.
Read your assigned Case Study from Assignment 1, Part 1.
Use the Template and Thomas White’s framework to make an analysis of your individual case study. Note: You need to provide responses in all three fields of the form (1,2,

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