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Posted: December 15th, 2023

This week you will review the feedback provided by the instructor about your second draft and determine what feedback to use to make changes and what feedback you can justify for keeping some information in your thesis the same. Use this week to refine your thesis and conduct any final research.
This week, you will continue developing your findings and conclusions and prepare your abstract if you haven’t done so already. Submit the third draft of your thesis, including your abstract, to the course instructor at the end of Week 12.
(Your third draft submission should contain all sections completed for instructor critique and comments.)
Objectives and Learning Outcomes:
Ability to complete a written description of the work in the form of a well-written, properly organized thesis
Ability to analyze the results of the research
Ability to draw reasonable conclusions from the research
(Note: Completed thesis outline is attached along with the instructor’s feedback in a separate attachment). Remember that your thesis development is a process and that critiques from the instructor and/or other readers are an essential part of the success equation.

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