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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Hello, I need help with these two assignments, I attached all
the required materials, and here are some more details from my teacher:First,
you are to compose a survey demonstrating best practices to elaborate,
confirm, and uncover themes (reasons, perceptions, opinions) related to
your personal disaster research problem/ question in your chosen
population. (Week 8-9)Simultaneously, you are to further develop
statistical skills by reviewing prior recommended assets (week 4, 5) to
apply an analysis with descriptive and correlation analysis on a dummy
set of data. You should be receiving your draft literature search
back from the writing center, and make the recommended revisions. I
would transfer the appropriate background to your IRB application.The First assignment’s question is:Using
data from the Literature Review or Qualitative Interviews, create a
survey for administration to 100 participants to validate your
interpretation and elicit more robust data for your specified research
question/problem using a larger sample of your populationSeveral
questions will be demographic and/or quantitative (age, family size,
income, expense, education…). At least 60% of the questions MUST be
designed to confirm or reject your interpretation of the previously
acquired Literature Review or Qualitative Interviews on your question or
problem. In order to make the survey tool most useful, should there not
be confirmation of your findings, there should at least be a “free
text” option for every question, and ideally a good portion of the
questions should be “open ended” in construction. (Project requirement.)A
general rule, even if you are proposing closed or categorical
questions, would be to A) keep any intervals the same size (age range in
10-year increments, as an example) and allow for a free text answer if
none of your options apply. Again, avoid wording that steers the
respondent to your preferred answers (bias)From your individual
investigation (literature search) you should stipulate how many
questions are reasonable to maintain the subject’s engagement and
thoughtful completion. Also consider how long your survey would take to
complete (IRB form consideration, consent consideration), and how
fatigue the respondent might be after x questions.The second assignment’s question is:1.
Using the data set provided, calculate the mean, median, mode,
interquartile range, and standard deviation for the numerical values in
the set.2. Choosing the best Correlation Coefficient, describe the
relationship between age and income, age and education, and income and
education.3. Compare the data set statistics to the Policy Map data for your selected study population.
That’s all you might need and please let me know if you have any questions.

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