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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Learning Engagement #6TOPIC: Metrics
Please watch the video first.All I need for Week 6 LE initial response are three lines. However, if any other student has chose the same goal and posted it, you need to change your goal.1. Goal:2. Lag Measurement:3. Lead Measurement:After you answered, copy and paste these three lines onto two other students’ posts by Sunday 11:55 PM.Discussion Thread 1 (initial post due Wednesday for full credit)
Please note: All of your discussion threads are to be at least 300-400 words and grammatically correct. Moodle will count the words for you. Late discussion threads will not receive full credit. You must post your initial response by Wednesday for full credit. (see the University Policy)
Discussion Thread 1 (initial post)
As a manager, you will need to create metrics to measure whether you will reach your goal.
Write down a one goal, one lag metric to achieve that goal, and at least one LEAD metric. (the LEAD/LAG Measurement video, might help).
Example include:
Increase customer engagement
o Lag measurement: # likes on Facebook
o Lead measurement: number of company Facebook posts
Book more appointments
o Lag measurement: #sales appointments booked
o Lead Measurement: #leads on website.
Open new target market
o Lag measurement: # of new people on our email list
o Lead measurement: # of initial email sent to new people.
Grading Criteria
Should include an objective listed before
Lead measurement should have something to do with lag measurement and be something that you have control over so that you can increase or decrease it as needed to hit the lag measurement goal.
Discussion Thread 2 (two responses) 200 – 300 words
Comment on two other students’ initial responses, and add specific recommendations on what they should add, modify, and delete from their responses to make their responses even better and more compliant with the case study 2c grading criteria). (Due Sunday for full credit).
You will be graded using the following rubric and standards.

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