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Posted: December 15th, 2023

hi there, this assignment will be a research report on Daycare – benefits vs. harmful effects on children. Please look below for the instructions as well as an example of how to conduct a research report accordingly. Please make sure there is absolutely zero plagiarism and all work is original and unique. Thank you
Step 1
The first steps of the research process involve finding resources.
Once you have made your selection, you must now conduct research. Try to find 3-5 reliable websites to use for your research.
You are going to use these websites to write a report so be sure to save or record the website addresses.
Create a chart like the one below so you can keep track of the websites.
Website 1
Website 2
Website 3
Website 4
Website 5
Step 2
Now you will use those note taking skills you practised in the content section to record the most important information from your articles.
For each article, take notes of key information, events, peoples, or quotations. Submit these notes to the dropbox when completed.
There are four stages to the research process.
Preparing for Research
As you begin to think about starting your research project you should consider the following:
Analyse and define the assignment
Ensure you understand what the final project should include and look like
Brainstorm possible topics and cluster ideas
Create questions and a possible thesis (a proposition to be maintained or proved)
Build a fluid outline
Understand the keywords required for searching databases
Accessing Resources
Accessing resources is time consuming and having a plan will help maintain a focus to your research. Try not to get bogged down by all of the information you may encounter.
Your plan should include some of the following steps:
Explore a variety of resources
Use different tools to access information
Record all bibliographic/citation information that you think may be important later
Ensure all resources are suitable
Print/copy all material for possible citation
Processing Information
This is the step in which you actually get the research finished. This step requires a lot of organization and self-reflection.
When doing the research, make sure you:
Think critically
Continue to question the validity of the resources: authority (?), relevance (?), accuracy (?) and point of view/bias (?)
Return often to your main ideas/thesis and ensure that your information is going to help you answer the questions and/or support your thesis
Document all sources carefully
Synthesize findings and formulate conclusions
Record your own thoughts and ideas as they occur
Transferring Learning
This is the easy part! At this point you must stop researching and start thinking about and planning the final presentation. The presentation may include writing an essay, writing a report, making a presentation, etc.
As you begin the transfer process, consider:
All aspects of the assignment: your audience, your assessment/evaluation, your final presentation
Proofreading your work – discuss it with someone, have another talk through your final arguments, etc.
The use of the communications software and techniques
Practicing presentations
Reflecting on the entire process

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