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Posted: December 15th, 2023

REPLY TO THIS POST. Prior to watching this video, I’ve had an idea of false memory due to the phenomenon called the “Mandela Effect”, so watching it reminded me of it. In other words, individuals believe that their distorted memories are accurate and they can remember events that happened differently or events that never occurred at all. I find it very interesting and quite overwhelming that our minds can trick and convince us into thinking that something occurred whether it be an event or object.
This deems our memory to be very unreliable even in situations where you feel as if you have a pretty good memory. Growing up I recall the “Fruit of the Loom” logo having a cornucopia behind it just to, later on, find out that it was never there. In regards to the hot air balloon test they did on the individuals in the videos, I feel they were so easily tricked due to the fact as adolescents in most cases it’s hard for us to forget the negative events that occur that we tend to forget the positive so this might have been why they feel they “forgot” about the air balloon ride (a positive event) something that actually never occurred in their lifetime.

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