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Posted: December 15th, 2023

This essay is already written I just need some areas corrected this is the message from the professor:
A couple of thoughts,
the first goal thought– vaccines do not restore health; your second goal is too general — that what all areas of the hospital want to do; be more specific about the infection control
same for objectives– one might be a little too ambitious in terms of three weeks but a good objective; the second objective is too general… remember the objective is measurable, observable, and attainable.
remember that each block in the organizational chart only has one position with one job description… not multiples; also remember the principle of “unity of command”; need the specific job title
your position justification is more about what they are doing and not enough of why you need them; also nothing about the last group of folks
need more justification for the clinic– remember your research class and how you justified the need for the research.
Your SWOT is too general and wordy– be more specific and connect to a real situation
Your job description is not correct but of course, that is this week’s assignment
Your data collection does not match the objectives– be more specific the words are too general.
Ms. Lonergan

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