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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Joyce Pratt wants a full report with your recommendations for solving the problem the clinic faces. The report should provide an analysis of the problem and justification for your chosen solution, including a robust explanation of the processes steps you undertook to come to this conclusion.
Your report should include the following labeled sections:
A cover letter documenting the contents in the report.
A Title Page
Table of contents
Executive Summary
Methods used
Bibliography using AMA citations as needed
Also consider the following:
Determine which aspects of the problem need the most attention.
Clarify the goal of “brainstorming” or other lateral thinking techniques, as well as characteristics of good idea generation sessions.
Use classical brainstorming and reverse brainstorming to generate solutions to problems.
Put together the CPS process when solving problems in a clinical setting.
To persuade your audience, appeal to the three elements in the rhetorical triangle.
Your report should be 6,500 words, not including the cover letter (roughly 200–300 words in length). Use the word count to verify that your report meets this requirement, note the number of pages as this can vary depending on the font you select and the margins you use.

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