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Posted: December 15th, 2023 (Links to an external site.)
Visit the websites below. Once you’ve found 3-4 apps that you’ve never used and you’d like to try, download the apps to your tablet. Explore the apps in detail and then write a summary of what the apps are, what you did with them, and how you could use them in your teaching or other future career. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.). To receive full credit include the following:12 pt., Calibri (5 pts)
Double spaced (5 pts)
3-4 pages in length (minimum of 3 apps, approximately one page per app) (5 pts)
APA style (5 pts)
App summaries (30 pts)
Align the apps you selected to a minimum of one ISTE Standards for Educators (Links to an external site.)per app and explain in detail how this app meets that standard (30 pts)
Include resources in APA (you should be using resources to validate the apps use in your current or future career) (10 pts)

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