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Posted: December 15th, 2023

How Afterschool Programs Make a Difference – Key Learning Areas
* Read the materials in the lesson:
* Links to Learning pages 135-164
* Florida Standards for Quality Afterschool Programs
* NewsWeek Article: Afterschool Programs That Make A Difference
In your post, choose one of the 5 featured programs in the Newsweek article.
Discuss how that program addressing the Key Learning Areas of this lesson and which Quality Standards it meets for participants.
Please respond and/or give feedback to at least one classmate.
Classmate’s post that needs response:
I found the Urbano Project in Boston Mass. to be very interesting. I have visited Boston more times than I can count and in my later teen years I lived in a near by city, so I can imagine the beauty in the art these teenagers are creating. Boston has very beautiful parts, yet has the same reality as most places, with homeless people, run down apartments and plenty of things that need change. I instantly thought of the reading from the book that had the example of taking photos of things that needed to be fixed and things that did not and so on and I think if they havent already done something like that it would be a great idea for them to do it. They could use technology in so many ways with art as well. There is a lot more to be learned with art than I had thought, I always just say art for drawing lines or throwing paint, but sense moving to Florida I have learned its far more than that, about everything has something to do with art.

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