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Posted: December 15th, 2023

After reviewing all of the content in the lesson, please respond to the following:
– Conduct your own research and identify a program that provides mentoring to youth. Share information with the class on this resource (website, Facebook page, brochure, etc.)
– How does this program meet the standards of best practices for youth mentoring programs?
– How could you advocate to your local policy makers to have a program such as this initiated in your community?
– Respond or provide feedback to at least one of your classmates.
Student’s post that needs a response:
YouthBuild is a youth mentorship with worldwide programs built to create opportunities. These programs give opportunities to youth as they realize their goals and aspirations, given the chance to be tomorrow’s leaders (or even today’s leaders!). All across the globe, YouthBuild programs have made their way into the lives of kids and teens who want to improve the world around them. One of their featured programs is located in Buffalo, NY, where YouthBuild has built a long history serving opportunity youth in the Western region of NY. They have served over 600 people and built over 25 houses. This program is meant to give youth their chance to further their education, learn job skills, and build their resumes; while also obtaining valuable leadership skills and making a positive impact in their community.
The benefits from mentoring include valuable knowledge and teaching moments for both parties; the mentor and the mentee. Benefits for mentors include gaining life skills themselves while also sharing their own experiences, they also are given the chance to provide engagement and joy. According to Western NY’s YouthBuild program, their benefits for youth include educational benefits, career benefits, and youth development. The participants in this program go through college/career counseling, job development, academic skills, cultural events, and on-sight training.
YouthBuild has gained the attention of congress and advocate for increasing federal appropriations for the U.S. Department of Labor YouthBuild Programs. They have also been recognized for expanding national service funding for opportunity youth. According to YouthBuild, Congressional leaders hear firsthand how their actions impact the lives of opportunity youth and, critically, what Congress can do to better support the communities in which our young people live. This alone would be a rather convincing advocacy to local policy makers to have more programs such as this initiated into my community. Just imagine what more our youth could do today for their tomorrow.

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