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Posted: December 15th, 2023

InstructionsPaper #1 is worth 60 points. You must submit your paper via Canvas BY Sunday April 10th and it must be 3-4 pages long using 12-point font and it must be double spaced. You can choose MLA or APA for formatting and your citation page. Outside research is highly recommended and must be cited.
Essay Question:
Taking into consideration the actions of Theranos and the actions of the two whistleblowers, when, if ever, is an employee justified in blowing the whistle? What do you see as the most important facts that he or she needs to consider in deciding whether to blow the whistle? Explain. Be sure to include moral argumentation to support your position

Morris H. Baslow, a middle-aged biologist and father of three, won’t forget the day he dropped an envelope in the mail to Thomas B. Yost, an administrative law judge with the environmental Protection agency (ePa). Later that day, Baslow was fired from his job with Lawler, Matusky

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