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Posted: December 15th, 2023

Part 1: Parenting/Wellness Log template a copy is attached below
In this course, we will be learning about parent, child, and family relations. One of the topics that will likely become apparent is how important it is to have self- and collective care (that is, care with/from others). Stress and mental health concerns are real, prevalent, and exacerbated with COVID-19. These factors have implications on our overall health and our interactions with others. For parents/caregivers, stress and mental health can be exacerbated even more due to having additional roles and less time, resources, access to support systems, and breaks to refuel. This assignment is meant to help you facilitate your own wellness practices – whatever they may look like – by tapping into your past and current favourite things while critically reflecting on how this process relates to parents/caregivers (facilitated by the reflection component). It is also meant to help you to reach out to others and build a small community (something that can also be helpful for parents/caregivers!). You will NOT be graded on HOW MANY activities you do, or how much time they take. You will be graded on your discussion contribution; your documentation process, and; your final reflection on the whole process.

Begin this log in Week 01. I suggest downloading a copy of the Parenting/Wellness Log template (IT is attached above in the document) and saving it to your desktop. Each week, you are encouraged to participate in an activity that you enjoyed in childhood, or that you enjoy now (use the Meet and Greet Discussion prompts and discussion as a guide). At the end of each week, spend 5-10 minutes to complete the log. This log will help you complete the Parenting/Caregiving Wellness reflection at the end of the term, and prompt you to reflect on how these experiences may relate to parent, child, and family relationships and development. Further, I hope that it gives you the opportunity to integrate fun activities into each week throughout the term. Please note that only weeks 1-10 need to be documented.

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Part 2: Reflection Prompts (1 and half pages)
How did your wellness exercises go each week? Reflect on the experience and consider the following questions. You do NOT need to answer all of these questions; use them as a starting point. This should be written as a short paper (rather than a question/answer response). Where possible, reflect on how the course material relates to your experience. Just write genral common things how course material relates.
Which list did you end up prioritizing — the childhood favourites, or current favourites? What might be different if you had a child (i.e., not just a virtual one)? If you do have a child, how did that affect your choices?
Were you able to complete both lists? Why or why not? How might this reflect the everyday realities of caregivers?
What was easy to complete, and why?
What was more challenging to complete, and why?
What resources/privileges do you have that enabled you to complete some activities? What resources/privileges would have helped you complete more activities?
Did COVID-19 restrictions impact your experiences at all? How so?
How does the course material help you to understand your experience with completing (or not completing) the activities?
What have you learned from this experience?

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